Gross! Rat Season Is Upon Us Tips for Keeping the Pests at Bay

Property owners are responsible for “maintaining a rat-free environment on their properties,” says the city's health code (iStock).

If there’s one thing that’s unavoidable in New York City, it’s pests. Their very existence, though insanely displeasurable, is almost synonymous with life in an urban environment. And while some are easier to deal with than others, they are all a nuisance.

Perhaps the worst offenders are rodents--from mice that leave their droppings in the cabinet under your kitchen sink, to the rats that forage in your building’s trash. They are more than just gross -- they can even be a health hazard (Indeed, just this past winter, a rare disease transmitted by rats killed one person in the Bronx). And spring is when city dwellers start to see rats more regularly because when winter is over, the rodents come out of hiding and begin to procreate with fury.

But luckily there are things property managers, boards, and even individuals can do to stop the rats, or at least keep their numbers down. Michael Broder, general manager at BHB Pest Elimination in New York City, says we have the ability to control the rats by trying to “break their comfort zone.” And the time to start is now.

“You have to do everything you can do as soon as possible to make sure they don’t hang out,” he says.

Find Where They Hang Out

Broder says rats have a very far range -- “much farther than most pests.”


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