Safe and Secure Strategies for Today's Co-ops and Condos

With so much talk these days about costly security projects designed to benefit buildings over the long term, it's easy to overlook a far more approachable option. Updating older video-based surveillance technology with a digital security system that is appropriate for your building can be a simple and cost-effective way to not only protect yourself, your neighbors and your property, but also your cooperative or condominium's bottom line.

The advantages of a digital surveillance upgrade are considerable. To begin with, newer technology makes for a safer building. Unlike the grainy black-and-white live-feed systems of the past— which in spite of being the standard of a bygone era are surprisingly abundant - digital video recording (DVR) is crystal clear, in color, and can be stored on a server just like a computer file. If you have digital cable with DVR on your home television, this simple yet revolutionary technology is already a part of your daily life.

Individuals captured on a DVR are more easily recognizable than on older recordings. The digital nature of the technology also allows surveillance feeds to be accessible for review for as long as the data remains saved, from any location with access to the server. As a result, weeks- or months-old recordings have the potential to be viewed by authorized individuals from anywhere.

The Perks

In addition to making your building safer, modernizing older surveillance systems with digital technology will make your building more cost-effective. It is the business of property insurers to understand how technology can affect their bottom-line. When your insurance company is confident that its risk in insuring you has been lowered, that confidence will be reflected in your premiums.

Moreover, while your building staff may be responsible for monitoring who comes in and out, making it apparent that someone is monitoring them while they are on the clock— and on your property— has its own advantages. As in many other work environments, theft and loss of productivity are major concerns.


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