Saving Space in Small Spaces Storage and Appliance Solutions

Space, the final frontier. The continuing mission to explore strange new ways to manage what little space is available to the urban dweller, to seek out any possible alternative to bulky appliances, to boldly find creative solutions to the fact that our living area remains constant even as our amount of - belongings, junk or stuff, (call it whatever you want) - seems to grow each day.

Because the ever-constant lack of space is a problem that plagues common areas and living spaces alike,

The Cooperator in an ongoing series will explore specific space-related issues. This article will examine laundry amenities in common areas and built-ins and how they can save space efficiently without sacrificing practicality.Do Your Own Laundry

Appliance manufacturers today are keenly aware of how limited space can be in co-op apartments and condominiums, and they are doing everything they can to address the age-old storage question. Take laundry machines, for example. The improvement of laundry appliance technology gives apartment and condo-hunters more to consider when trying to choose between a building with its own laundry room or an apartment or condo with its own built-in washer/dryer unit.

Roger Fisher of Hi-Rise Laundry Equipment Corp. in Richmond Hills, Queens, says there are some drawbacks to having individual laundry equipment in each apartment. Plumbing systems are needed to supply a whole network of individual laundry units, and thus, are often more costly than locating all of the washers and dryers in a centralized location.

So how can building associations make the most of the limited space available? Well, some major manufacturers produce 20 lb. front load washers that almost double the capacity of the older models - using the same amount of floor space and same connections as the older utilities.


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