Security on the Go Making the Jump to More Advances Technologies

 Not so long ago, having a security system required drilling through the walls of  your cooperative or condominium building and involved installing many spools of  wire attached directly to a bulky keypad.  

 Sophisticated and Secure

 Today’s systems are sleek by comparison, with touch-pads offering enhanced features to  help manage busy multifamily lifestyles. They have evolved beyond just security  breaches or fire alarms into command centers from which a resident can monitor  the indoor environment of their home or a property manager can send out alerts  in case of an emergency.  

 These newer more sophisticated security systems can perform many functions in  most apartments or multi-dwelling units—with features ranging from the very basic to the very advanced. Systems can keep  tabs on any number of variables, including temperature changes that might  indicate that the heat is off, or a flood has occurred. These systems can even  control lighting, and give homeowners the ability to add cameras to look in on  loved ones and pets. Other enhancements include a message center for recorded  messages.  

 Wireless Alarms


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  • I need to have security cameras installed in an apartment building ( 9 unit ) I want a minimum of 8 cameras installed. I would like to monitor these cameras from my computer anywhere I am. Please advise