Set in Stone Maintaining Decorative Stonework

New York City is home to some of the world's best architectureboth ultra-modern and historical. And while newer buildings show off sleek glass-and-steel facades, the hallmark of many of the city's historic buildings is their stonework. Take a gander around the city and you will marvel at just how prominent stone is in so many buildings decked out with gargoyles, cornices, ornately carved facades, and other spectacular stonework ornaments.

The value stone can add to a building is immeasurable in some real estate circles, so it's important that buildings do what they can to restore the look of what they have.

Not As Strong As You Think

Yet keeping stone looking sharp isn't easy. The city can be a harsh place, and the ravages of time—along with weather and human factors—can change what was once a beautiful piece of stone architecture into something that looks dull, or dirty and corroded.

"New York City is a depository of not just this country's finest stonework, but some of the finest in the world," says Nathan Hafler of Landmark Restoration & Construction Corp. in Long Island City. "Unfortunately, we tend to abuse it and ignore it, and we don't often restore it very well."


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