Slips, Trips and Falls Are No Laughing Matter For Your Property A New Book Talks About the Problem and What Could Be Done

Tubs and showers account for more than ⅔ of bathroom injuries (iStock).

Just like breathing and sleeping, slips and falls are a natural part of life—whether it's momentarily stumbling on a sidewalk or briefly losing your footing in the shower. Most of us would regard such incidents as one-offs. But judging by the number of annual visits to the emergency room and the huge monetary costs as a result, slips, trips, and falls (STFs) are a very serious matter. A newly-published book, Stop the Slip, by Thom Disch, offers some very enlightening and sobering facts about STFs that should make condos, co-ops, HOAs and property managers take note when it comes maintaining a safe environment at their buildings. Here are just a few random facts from the book:

  • There were 9 million emergency room visits, 1 million hospitalizations, and 30,000 deaths in 2014 attributed to falls.

  • Falls are responsible for a loss of over $150 billion annually in medical costs and lost wages in the U.S.

  • It’s just not an elderly problem--about 75 percent of fall injuries happened to people under the age of 68.

  • The leading cause of traumatic brain injury is due to falls.

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