Snow Control Snow and Ice a Challenge for Buildings

A snowy winter is a child's dream. What's more fun than the chance to build snowmen, dominate in snowball fights and of course, relish in the pure joy that is a snow day? Oh, to be young, blissful—and mostly ignorant of the havoc wreaked by major winter weather.

Plenty of adult New Yorkers are still trembling from the memory of the great 'Snowpocalypse' of 2010 (and a few notable doozies before and since), and they know better. Frosty the Snowman becomes a sinister sign of impending mayhem, especially for co-ops and condos, which are responsible for keeping residents safe from snow- and ice-related slips and falls.

Alvin Wasserman, the director of asset management for Fairfield Properties, a property management firm in Melville, knows this pressure and responsibility that comes with snow storms all too well.

“For children, the prospect of snow is exciting and inviting. For adults and homeowners, snow is often regarded with trepidation,” he says. “Condominiums and cooperatives can prepare several ways in the autumn for the possibility of snow.”

Removal Responsibility

Suffice to say, snow and ice are a multifaceted challenge—take the aforementioned Snowmageddon debacle for example. The event spanned well beyond the initial blizzard on December 26th, causing issues well into February, and was as relentless as it was damaging. As the snow just kept falling, alarm rose over where to put it all, and co-op and condo boards wondered what and about what exactly their responsibility was when it comes to removing snow and ice from their properties in a timely fashion.


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