Spring in Your Step Readying Your Co-op or Condo for Warmer Days

Winter in New York is a magical time, filled with walks through dirt, grime and slush, exorbitant weather-induced dry cleaning bills, and excessive clothing accessories…often enough to shame Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

Upon spring’s arrival, denizens of the tri-state area want nothing more than to bask in the long-dormant sun. Condo and co-op boards cannot, however, in good faith ignore the legwork that follows a seasonal transition. Certain amenities—from barbecues and outdoor common areas to tennis courts and swimming pools—must be prepared for use in the warmer months. Ignoring these leisurely accoutrements can lead to irate residents come Memorial Day.

Given the varied incarnations of residential communities in New York, condos and co-ops can host a wide variety of locations. Martin Kera, a partner with Kera & Graubard Attorneys at Law—whose firm works exclusively with small-to-medium buildings in the city with minimal outdoor space—notes that residents store tables and chairs on the roof during the winter, and set them up themselves during the spring with littler muss (or fuss).

Other urban properties feature shared outdoor areas like grills or small playgrounds, while suburban communities can showcase anything from golf courses to marinas. Regardless of a community's specifics, high winds, snow, ice, and general cold can take a toll on outdoor amenities. With careful planning and light work year-round, an association can avoid a painful overhaul when preparing for spring.

Weather Report

If there's one truth about New York winters, it's that everything is filthy. Thus, condos and co-ops require extensive cleaning as the snow recedes, yielding various unexpected grotesqueries. According to Charles Incandela—executive director of management and client services with the Plainview-based Alexander Wolf & Company—the work falls to either contractors or on-site staff, depending on the nature of the property and the job at hand.


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