Spring is Just Around the Corner Be Ready for a Seasonal Spruce-Up

With a light sprinkling of freshly fallen snow blanketing your building's landscape, it’s easy to be lulled into thinking your property really is "pretty as a picture.” Sure, the occasional snowfall New York City experiences transform the Big Apple into a beautiful winter wonderland. But keep in mind that when the snow melts, an array of blemishes created by winter's harsh blasts will be revealed.

This quiet period when board members are tucked comfortably indoors offers an opportunity to contemplate the balmier seasons to come—and to review the association’s checklist of tasks that should be completed before residents want to enjoy the community grounds.

Spring Cleaning 101

The severity of winter damage varies from building to building, so a thorough walk through is the first step to assessing problem areas and creating a plan of action.

“We have a program in our office where we do monthly full-blown inspections and we share it with our boards,” says Steven Greenbaum, the vice president of New York City and Long Island-based Mark Greenberg Real Estate (MGRE). “We realize that not every time a property manager goes to their property or a super goes walking through their building, they go top to bottom, front to back, side to side and get into every little corner. So we've created a checklist and inspection report that makes the manager go through everything.”

The list of areas to inspect is quite lengthy but pros stress the importance of leaving no nook or cranny unturned.


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