Standard United A look at SEIU Local 32BJ

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 32BJ is a coalition of 70,000 doormen, superintendents, concierges, porters, cleaning personnel and maintenance workers in New York City and its surroundings. Founded in 1934, the union is as diverse as the city it serves, representing workers from 60 countries speaking 25 different languages. Many of those workers serve the city’s co-op and condo community, working to keep residential buildings running smoothly and comfortably for their occupants.

The View from Inside SEIU

The 70,000 members of the union are divided into 13 districts, according to geography and job type. Districts in Manhattan include Downtown, Garment/Midtown South, Upper East Side and Upper West Side. Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey have separate districts, and there are also divisions for window cleaners and theater and stadium workers. Among the districts are 1,300 shop stewards, who liaise between the executive board and the rest of the organization.

The union’s joint executive board comprises at-large officers, at-large board members, district officers, and district members. Union auditors and committee members are selected at large, but do not serve on the executive board.

The six executive leaders of SEIU-32BJ bring a combined 111 years of union experience to the table. Union President Mike Fishman walked his first picket line at the age of eight. He has expanded SEIU’s membership in the city and beyond and lead negotiations for a favorable new contract for union members last April.


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