Submetering Saves Money

You live alone. You work long hours. When you aren't home, you turn off

all the lights and the air

conditioning. You do everything you can to conserve energy. Your neighbors, on the other hand, have five kids and are home all the time. Even when they go out they leave the air conditioning on. In fact, there is always something electric on in their apartment: the TV, the stereo, the toaster oven. The shocking thing is, you both pay the same amount for electricity. Is it fair? No.

Don't fret. There is a solution to your problemsubmetering. In a building with submetering, each unit is billed for the amount of electricity used in that unit only. So a single person who is energy conscious doesn't have to pay the same amount as a family of energy-guzzlers.

Master Metered Buildings


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  • After reading the above selling points on submetering, I find it frightening that a corporation could wield that kind of control over my electric. I know exactly how much energy I am using by direct metering through Con Edison. In so doing I am able to conserve by the amount on my monthly statement. What Buildings are now submetered in Manhattan? Please provide addresses so one can substantiate your claim of a lower percent or savings.
  • Please clarify. I believe if you are in a master metered building already that is switching to submetering then the PSC only requires a simple majority of those that take part in a canvass and not 70% of the shareholders.