Taking the Bait Seasonal Pest Control

Bugs, rodents, and other pests are always a potential problem in a city or densely populated suburban area—and even upscale, well-maintained buildings are not impervious to the occasional unwelcome interloper. Cockroaches invade kitchens, termites feast on foundations and walls, bees sting humans, and now bedbugs have hogged the press as the latest plague du jour. No two ways about it: if your property falls behind on the pest-control front, you’ve got yourself a menagerie.

Some pest issues are year-round—like the aforementioned bedbugs, who can show up whenever a new mattress is delivered, regardless of the season—but there is a seasonal pattern to most. So seasonal, in fact, that exterminators routinely service their client properties at quarterly intervals.

“We have a pest calendar,” explains Jerry Smith, co-owner of Dial Pest Control in Roseland, New Jersey. “In our region, most of the property managers go to bid with quarterly service—that’s in line with the four seasons. In Florida, it’s monthly.”

It can also be monthly in New York and New Jersey too, if the living quarters are especially close. “Associations should have service year-round,” advises Mike Comune, owner of Pest Pros Inc. in Toms River, New Jersey. “You’re dealing with multiple apartments or condos. You have a complaint log, and the guy comes once a month to take care of them.”

However frequently your building is serviced, problematic critters themselves tend to have seasonal patterns, so it may be helpful to discuss pest control as a seasonal project that changes as the year goes on.


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