That Special Touch Rejuvenating Your Lobby and Common Areas

Is the entryway of your building looking less than inviting these days? Perhaps the lobby isn’t as cozy and welcoming as residents might like, or maybe it’s the mailroom that needs some work. If it’s been years since the last time your common areas were updated, and they’re showing their age, it might be time to consider sprucing them up a bit.

In general, common areas begin to show wear-and-tear in about five to ten years. You may have noticed that wall coverings are beginning to peel, doors are scraped and scuffed, or that carpeting is becoming threadbare and worn. Simply updating and refurbishing will not only make these areas more functional, but also transform them into appealing, pleasant places to be–whether someone is just passing through or taking a moment to sit down and relax.

First Things First

Whether you decide to completely transform a given common area, or simply update some accessories or colors, the first concern is where to begin. "You should have a master plan for what direction you want to take," says Gordon Roth, president of Roth Painting in Manhattan. After you’ve voted to refurbish your lobby, it’s a good idea to decide what specific issues you’d like to concentrate on, if you haven’t considered this already. Roth suggests having architects or designers present you with a proposal for different treatments.

Factors to consider before selecting a contractor or interior designer to do the work include the total project budget, expected completion time, and any guarantee the contractor may offer.


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