The Borough Chiefs A Look at Brooklyn’s City Council Members

The Borough Chiefs

A Look at Brooklyn’s City Council Members

By Raanan Geberer

For most of the 19th century, Brooklyn was a city with its own mayor, police department, fire department and water system.

Today, although many people still remember the sign in “Welcome Back Kotter” that says “Welcome to Brooklyn—the 4th Largest City in America” and Borough President Marty Markowitz likes to refer to the “City of Brooklyn,” this metropolis of 2.5 million is a borough of New York City. But Brooklyn has a long history of well-earned civic pride, and the most populous borough of the city still makes its wishes known—through the Brooklyn delegation to the New York City Council. The larger council’s 51 districts include 10 in Manhattan, eight from the Bronx, 14 from Queens, three from Staten Island, along with the 16 members from Brooklyn.


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