The Cooperator's 24th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo Expert Advice, Education and More

 The 24th annual New York Cooperator’s Co-op & Condo Expo is coming—the 2011 event will showcase some 300 exhibitors from across the tri-state area  when the day-long trade show returns to the Hilton New York in Manhattan on  Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Admission is free for the entire day—including a full slate of educational seminars and one-on-one professional  advice brought to you by The Cooperator and Yale Robbins, Inc.  

 Reserve Fund Winner

 For the second consecutive year, the Expo will feature a raffle drawing for  $3,500, with the prize money going to the winning building’s reserve fund. The 2010 winner, Nicholas Papageorge, recently received the  award during The Cooperator’s Exhibitor ROI Boot Camp, a recent day-long workshop focused on helping vendors  maximize their participation in the 2011 Co-op & Condo Expo. The exhibitor training session was taught by Jefferson Davis, owner  of the trade show consulting firm Competitive Edge. During the day, Davis  walked vendors through the best ways to improve their return on investment in  the show. During the workshop, Papageorge was part of a panel discussion that  also featured Cooper Square Management’s Jonathan Klein and Impact Real Estate Management’s Greg Cohen. The panelists fielded questions from the audience about the  benefits and experience of attending a trade show. The Exhibitor ROI Boot Camp  is only one of many resources—many of them free—available to vendors for the 2011 Expo. For more information about the trade  show, visit  www.coopexpo.comor call 212-683-5700.  

 Papageorge, the vice president of Sherry Plaza, an 80-unit co-op located in  Briarwood, New York in Queens, says the raffle win has made quite a difference  for his building community.  

 “Like everyone in the entire industry, you never have enough money,” says Papageorge. “You have these small little jobs that you never do because you allocate the  money to the larger jobs, and the little ones never get done. Since we were  never counting on this money to begin with—it’s not in our budget, we didn’t budget it in—it gave us the opportunity to clean up all these smaller projects that we wanted  to do but couldn’t.”  

 Papageorge says that his building plans to use some of the money to spruce up  the lobby of the high-rise, which was built in the 1960s. “We just finished redoing our lobby, and we did all the common areas across the  entire building,” he continues. “We changed all the lighting and put new carpeting down on every floor. We  painted. And we’re in the process of doing our elevator.”