The Cooperator’s 28th Annual Expo Learning and Information for Boards and Managers

Thousands of board members, managers and building owners packed the aisles of the Hilton New York exhibit hall as The Cooperatorpresented its 28th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo, providing networking, informational and educational opportunities for boards, managers and residents throughout the tri-state area.

Since 1987, the Expo has been a fixture on the business calendar of vendors, service providers, board members, building staff and residents in the co-op and condo community. The 2015 Expo—on April 21st—was no exception as nearly 4,000 attendees visited some 290 exhibit booths and took in this year's lineup of informative educational seminars.

“When we are putting these Expos together for the past three decades,” says Yale Robbins, president of Yale Robbins, Inc., Expo producer and publisher of The Cooperator, “our team has a vision to help attendees and exhibitors understand the big picture, anticipate trends, and stay up-to-date on advancements in the co-op, condo and HOA industry. I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback we constantly get. The participants notice the improvements we make and it really motivates us to build an even better Expo next year.”

Henry Robbins, executive vice president and director of sales for Yale Robbins, Inc., said the show’s success is cumulative and reflects on the both the exhibitors and the attendees. “Attendance and interest in the Expo—from everyone involved—has grown each year since it was first produced 28 years ago,” he says. “The passion and enthusiasm is contagious… the fact that the event draws more people each year is proof of its attraction.”

What Show-Goers Had to Say

Board member Kimberly Overs said the most important feature of the expo is the ability to meet with other board members, compare notes and network with the service providers in attendance. “There is a real need to build a community among us,” she says.