The Federation A Guiding Force for New York's Housing Community

It's not exactly the United Federation of Planets of Star Trek lore, but The Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums (FNYHC) is an invaluable resource for members of the global housing cooperative and condominium community based in the New York City area.

A tax exempt, non-profit membership organization of housing cooperatives and condominiums, most of them in New York City, the organization's primary purpose is to educate board members of cooperatives and condominiums so that they can effectively manage the affairs of their buildings. In addition, the Federation monitors court decisions and local, state and federal legislation affecting housing co-ops and condos, providing guidance for resident board members involved in establishing majority control of their board or in the conversion of their buildings from rental to cooperative or condominium status.

A Little Bit of History

The year is 1953. Eisenhower is sworn into office, Jonas Salk introduces the polio vaccine, Watson and Crick map DNA, Hillary and Norgay attain the summit of Everest, the Kinsey Report comes out, the Rosenbergs are executed, Frank Sinatra wins a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and Elvis begins recording for the first time. In Panmunjon, an armistice ends the American involvement in the Korean conflict, and halfway around the world, not coincidentally, the Federation of Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums is born.

It wasn't called that at the time, however. It bore the name Federation of 213s, which sounds like something malevolent that the warlike Klingons might be fighting, but was anything but.

"It was founded in 1953, when there was a federal program, Section 213, administered by HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It was one of the most successful programs they had," explains Greg Carlson, the executive director of FNYHC. "They insured mortgages, so it kept mortgage rates down, which made it affordable for returning veterans to buy homes."


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