The Heat of the Matter Boiler Maintenance is Key

The importance of a boiler to a building can’t be measured. It provides heat and circulation to its residents and, as anyone who has lived through the harsh New York winter in the past few years can tell you, that’s mighty important. So why is it that some people don’t even think about the boiler until there’s a problem?

Compared to other key components of a building, the boiler is almost like a forgotten child sometimes, with its mantra possibly being "Out of sight, out of mind."

"People don’t want to know about it unless it stops working," says Richard Berger of New York Boiler Inc., which does cleanings and inspections throughout New York. "Most people don’t maintain their boilers properly. That is a problem."

Having a boiler running smoothly is a key to ensuring a comfortable winter. When the weather gets colder there are more demands put on a building’s boiler and it’s important that it is running at optimal output. So, even though summer has just ended, buildings need to prepare to have their boilers cleaned and inspected now rather than waiting for the cold spell to hit. By then it could be too late.

"Make the call sooner than later," Berger says. "Most people call in October or November and by then it’s too late. It’s hard to get an appointment."


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  • gas appliances tlpycaliy are not installed in liveable areas. bedrooms , bathrooms etc the exception is, in your case, if your local code allows, your boiler closet door must seal 100 % around the door frame (weatherstrip) and all combustion air must be taken from outside or an attic. this is the only way a gas appliance can work in a bedroom closet. no cracks or openings on the closet door from the bedroom. again if your local building code allows. hope this helps.
  • Hi Mike,I'm really hcsoked that with all the professionals giving you advice, no one's hit the nail on the head YET, until me, of course.I live in New England, and see this configuration all the time. We have one heck of a long heating season here. Let me explain the reasoning behind what you have, because it is used constantly in this part of the country. Your electric hot water heater can be expensive to run, and if you have several people standing in line for showers in the morning (like mine), can find itself unable to recover the water temp after a shower or two.Since your boiler will run extensively during the heating season anyway, they are using the boiler to pre-heat your supply even before it gets to your water heater. It evidently has a small tankless water heater that couldn't keep up with the household demand, necessitating additional capacity. The aquastat that is in the main boiler (for the boiler's water heater) is certainly disconnected, so it will only pre-heat when your heat is being run. The free-standing water heater is on it's own in the non-heating season.This is a very green way to exploit as much value as humanly possible from every gallon of oil burned, and you had to run the boiler anyway!