The Key to Board Efficiency Managing Your Time

Until recently, Claudia Tracey worked full time in a position that required an extensive amount of travel. At the same time she was, and still is, board president at Hampton Vistas Condominiums in Manorville, New York, which just went through an $860,000 assessment for major renovation work spread out among 48 owners. Their typical monthly board meetings turned into weekly meetings until the assessment was complete.

At the same time, Tracey had to fit in her duties as a board member for the Community Associations Institute (CAI) of Long Island and chair of the annual CAI trade show. Each board also meets once a week. Let’s not forget the fact that Tracey is married with a family and has to deal with all the obligations that entails.

“I am fortunate to be married to a very patient man and my three children are grown,” says Tracey. “[When you are a board member], family life can get pushed to the back burner sometimes—so the cooperation of the entire family is needed.”

If you want to volunteer on your board, it’s important to first know that there is a time commitment involved. What that commitment will be depends on your individual board and how much volunteering you want to do and, according to Edward Andron, vice president and director of management for Leebar Management Corp. in Manhattan, what position you want to hold.

“If you’re the president, it’s overall responsibility,” says Andron. “The secretary is responsible for the monthly minutes as well as any newsletter the board distributes to all residents/shareholders. If you are the treasurer, your responsibilities include the budget, monthly income and expenses and management of the reserve fund including allocation of all payments for capital improvement expenditures such as exterior waterproofing, new roof tank, new roof or boiler.”


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