The Paperless Office Using Technology to Get Organized

Are you one of those people who have papers everywhere? You know, the bills and mail that you tell yourself you are going to file away next week but just never seem to get to? Can you imagine what those piles might look like if they weren’t just your bills and papers, but those of an entire co-op or condo building?

While most boards and managers may be wizards of organization who never so much as lose their car keys, there are plenty of us struggling to get organized — to clear out the years of accumulated paperwork and debris that will ultimately compromise our ability to run an efficient, organized building.

The Tech Connection

It may be true that with the advent of e-mail and computerized management tools, the days of back offices crammed with floor-to-ceiling filing cabinets are on the wane in New York — but there is still room for a great deal of improvement. While just a small percentage of buildings are staging complete overhauls their filing and document management systems, many more have taken small steps and have started to eliminate sheaves of paper containing data that can more easily be stored on a computer.

There are a number of ways that boards and management can use technology to get organized, cut down on office paperwork, and improve their building’s financial and administrative profile.

Some think that in a decade’s time, more than 75 percent of people will be using such technology to clear out the paper in their offices but will there ever be a time when a paperless office becomes a reality?


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