The Road Ahead A Look at the 2012 Legislative Session

 In today’s legislative world, housing is a big item. Rent-payers, condo owners, co-op  shareholders, and developers all have their particular interests—and they don’t necessarily mesh. In the meantime, the ongoing recession threatens all of  them.  

 Bill after bill has been introduced, some of them new, others re-introduced  after seeing no action in the past. And even if there are no blockbuster new issues, there is plenty of unfinished  work from previous legislative sessions.  

 Much of the main action takes place in Albany. A search of the New York State  Assembly’s website at the time this article was written  ( shows that 42 bills come up when the word “condominium” is searched for and eight bills come up for “co-op.” (See sidebar).  

 Reflecting Constituents

 Many of the bills, as you can see, are sponsored by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz  (D-Kingsbridge/Riverdale). Dinowitz isn’t on the Housing Committee, but his district, particularly Riverdale, contains  many co-ops. The majority of his bills, he says, are held over from last year.  

 “Generally speaking,” he says, “other forms of housing, particularly rental housing, are getting the spotlight,  one, because it has tremendous needs, and second, because there are a  tremendous number of people in rental housing.”  


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