Tips to Avoid Home Remodeling Fraud Are You Asking Your Contractor the Right Questions?

During a large scale remodeling project, there are many questions that a homeowner may forget to ask, says the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

You would think that launching an entire remodeling project would spark a truckload of questions from wary homeowners who have heard the horror stories from friends and neighbors about fraud, shoddy workmanship, or projects left unfinished by fly-by-night contractors. Surprisingly, though, contractor members of NARI admit they aren't asked enough questions.

"Timing and money are the most common questions we hear," says NARI President Mark Brick, CR, CGR, and president of B & E General Contractors in Glendale, Wisconsin. "During an interview with a homeowner, homeowners should be asking about credentials and verifying business practices, rather than just "˜When can you start? When will it be finished?' and "˜How much will it cost?'"

These few questions simply aren't enough. If a homeowner wishes to have a successful remodeling project, they should learn the right questions to ask and how to ask them.

Other popular queries homeowners pose are: "What time will you knock on my door each morning?" "What time will you quit for the day?" "Are you going to work every day?" "Can you finish before (insert any major holiday or significant family event)?" and "How much will it cost per square foot?"


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