Tool Box Must Haves for Your Building Staff Spend A Little Now, Save A Lot Later

Many times I have looked at a repair bill or troubleshooting project and said to myself, “there had to have been a more effective and less expensive way to have found this out or to have accomplished the same results.”

Look for Ways to Save

I am sure many board members have had similar thoughts as they reviewed bills and thought of ways to spend less. Through experience and creative thinking, I would like to share a partial list of common expenses which can be greatly mitigated by rounding out your staff’s tool box a bit.

Eight Tips

Opening the wall or wood floor to find out if there is actually what appears to be a leak, and then having to make a repair to close it after no leak was found:
Purchase a moisture reader for your staff which is a digital readout device that detects water. If the area is dry-no holes, no repairs. 

Wet cement that gets vandalized overnight:
Purchase a set of portable floodlights and some chain so that they cannot be removed. Chain the floodlights in proximity to the new cement area to illuminate it. Wet cement is a little less inviting to your community artists when it is illuminated. The cost of having to replace a vandalized new cement walk is greatly reduced. ( Another use for these lights; Two or three sets are recommended as temporary lighting in the event of inoperable light poles as dark areas present a huge liability for your association and require immediate address).This will avoid emergency service.

Your staff and/or your landscaper insist a large area of lawn needs replacement due to a fungus or some other mysterious turf condition:
Purchase the largest aluminum disposable baking tins, place them atop the areas of dead grass and see if they fill from water. If they stay empty, the likely answer is the sprinkler head(s) just need a little adjustment. The cost of lawn repair/replacement has been eliminated as is expensive sprinkler head replacement.


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