Traits of Effective Property Managers Can You Manage?

It's easy enough to find a property manager —just flip open the Yellow Pages and you'll see dozens. That doesn't mean it's easy to choose one, however. Your managing agent is a fundamental member of your association's operating team, and needs to be someone you can count on to oversee your staff and maintenance program, submit bids for contract work, oversee billing and accounts payable and act as a liaison between residents and board members.

It's not a job for just anybody. You want someone ethical, dependable, accessible and who has the ability to think on their feet and find creative solutions to an array of challenges. Choosing the right person to serve as your community's managing agent can be tricky—so we've assembled a few tips below to help narrow the field.

The Firm

Finding the best manager starts with finding the best management company for your community's particular needs. In a city like New York, where the housing stock varies from historic low-rise row homes to modern high-rise developments, management companies have to be flexible and diversified to best serve the communities in their portfolio. Regardless of whether you live in a six-unit Brooklyn brownstone or one of Manhattan's newer residential towers, the ideal management firm should:

• Provide accurate, up-to-date financial reports on a regular basis

• Provide overviews of your building's structural and mechanical elements


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