Trump International Hotel and Tower May Change Its Signs: Report Proposal Is Seen as a Compromise to Appease Some Condo Owners


Donald Trump's signature New York hotel and tower could undergo a change in signage, after other buildings in the city have removed their signs that read 'Trump' ever since the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

The New York Times reported that the Trump Organization is mulling a plan to revise the signage of the Trump International Hotel and Tower this fall, so that the Trump name is not associated with the property's private units. Rather, the address 'One Central Park West' would be presented more prominently, while the Trump signs would be linked to the hotel. 

The proposed change, according to the Times, was involved a compromise brokered by the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., in response to a schism between the condo board and dozens of owners over the Trump name. Those owners have reportedly complained that the Trump name has become a burden on the property. 

Under Donald Jr.'s plan, the 'Trump International Hotel and Tower' sign that adorns the entrance would be removed and replaced with a sign that would distinguish the hotel from the tower, a source told the Times. The other part of the plan would further emphasize the One Central Park West address, while the other Trump signs would be partially changed. 

Some owners want to lose the Trump name entirely from the hotel-tower. If the building's name was to change, the owners would have to elect a new board (One of the six owners who make up the current board is Donald Jr.). As the Times pointed out, removing the Trump Organization's influence from the building would be difficult since the company has a vested interest in the building in a number of ways, including its ownership of a unit and a restaurant space. 


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