UES Condo Tower Development Draws More Scrutiny Opponents Claim the Developer Is Circumventing Zoning Rules

The site of DDG's new condo development on 1558 Third Avenue/180 East 88th Street (David Chiu).

Opponents of an Upper East Side condo project are asking the city to squash the developer’s plans to build it, claiming that the developer is trying to circumvent zoning rules so it could make the luxury tower higher.

Developer DDG is building an L-shaped building at 180 East 88th Street, and as reported in DNAinfo, local Councilman Ben Kallos along with residents and members of the Carnegie Hill Neighbors group have filed an appeal. They say the developer is trying to build outside the original boundaries on the site, extending the plans to Third Avenue, where the zoning is different than on East 88th Street.

According to DNAinfo, plans show a second “unbuildable” 10-by-22-foot lot on the property, which would allow the building to reach 521 feet, reportedly making it one of the largest structures in the neighborhood,

"If you own a piece of land where the zoning says you can't build a skyscraper in this part of the district, you don’t get to draw an imaginary line in the sand," said Kallos, as quoted in DNAinfo.

DDG did not respond to DNAinfo’s requests for a comment.


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