New UWS Co-op Incorporates Kosher Features The Chamberlain Offers Accommodations for Observant Jewish Buyers

A rendering of The Chamberlain (Williams New York)

A new Upper West Side co-op  building has devised a unique way to attract a niche group of buyers.

Last week, The New York Times reported that Simon Baron and Quadrum Global, two real estate firms, hired kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein as a “kosher consultant” during the design stage for a 39-unit development to accommodate the needs of prospective observant Jewish buyers.

As a result of the consultation involving Fishbein and the development’s architects and marketing team, the Chamberlain, located on 269 West 87th Street, boasts features with the Orthodox Jewish lifestyle in mind.

For instance, said the Times, there is an undercounter kitchen cabinet space that would allow for the addition of a second dishwasher. There are large laundry closets available for two washers and dryers that would appeal to large families.

A rendering of a kitchen inside an apartment at the Chamberlain (Williams New York)


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