Water Pressure in High Rises Maintaining the Proper Balance

What comes to mind when you think of water pressure? For most people these words

conjure up images of the morning shower. Lack of water pressure can turn that much anticipated ritual into a frustrating and unpleasant ordeal. Just ask anyone who's been late to work because they couldn't rinse the suds out of their hair. What many co-op and condo residents who live in high rise buildings don't realize, however, is that excessive water pressure can be just as undesirable as inadequate pressure. If left unchecked, over a period of time, either situation can affect the value of an apartment owner's real estate investment.

A Major Water User

Co-op City, a sprawling 35-building complex in the Bronx, is one of the city's largest water users. Its residents anticipated a major reduction in their water bills when Co-op City was approved by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the Toilet Rebate Program. This water conservation initiative is overseen by DEP and offers co-op and condo buildings the opportunity to get rid of their old toilets for modern low-flow toilets while earning a $240-per-toilet cash rebate from DEP.

Co-op City had plans to replace their existing five-gallon-per-flush toilets with the TOTO flush toilet model 703, which uses just 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Residents were told by proponents of the new toilets that Co-op City could anticipate a considerable reduction in the average daily home consumption of water in the developmentfrom 125 gallons per day per person to 57 gallonsresulting in substantial savings.


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  • this is helpful in understanding why our high rise condo has no pressure reducing valves on the upper floors. We have the booster pump method but measure 190psi on upper floors. Sounds like we are boosting excessively. Anybody have HIGH pressure on 20th floor of 23 floors?
  • looking for more info on water pumping and gravity feed systems..
  • how to calculate heigh rised water flow from oht to basement
  • B. Martin, Scottsdale Shadows on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 9:27 PM
    We live on the 6th floor of our high rise which is the top floor. Every time they have a water shut off which is frequent due to contractors having to do rehab work on different units, when maintenance turn the water back on it causes an air block in the cold water line feeding our air handler to provide air conditioning to 0ur unit. our valves appear to be in good working condition. But if water is blocked by an air pocket above our unit we will not get water fed without having to access our air handler in the ceiling and bleeding the line ourselves. I personally do not feel this is our responsibility. We are owners in this H.O.A. and this manifested itself about a year ago.