Web-Crawling Online Resources for Your Building and Board

Most of us make some use of the Internet on a daily basis, whether we use it as part of our regular job, or to just make our everyday life easier by reading newspapers online, downloading driving instructions, shopping for a perfect gift, or pre-ordering movie tickets. For co-op and condo shareholders, unit owners and board members, the Web offers a host of services and information sources that can help with everything from deciphering the tax code to keeping up the good health of your building community.

Below are a greatest-hits list of some of the more useful and easy-to-navigate co-op- and condo-related sites on the Web. Chances are, if you've got a burning question about getting access to your building's governing documents, you need to know how to go about replacing the windows in your landmark brownstone, or need some advice about switching management companies, the answer can be found on one of the sites below - or on one of the sites linked off of them. We'll kick off the hit parade with a site that you're probably already familiar with.

The Cooperator's Co-op and Condo Monthlywww.cooperator.com

The Cooperator's online sister publication offers readers the same in-depth coverage of the issues and topics important to the New York region's shareholders and unit owners, board presidents, board members, managing agents, superintendents, and real estate industry professionals as our popular newsprint periodical does. Readers can access the past month's articles on the home page, or sift through an archive of all the newspaper's feature stories from the last five years if they need information on a specific topic. Easy-to-navigate toolbars direct readers to the archive, which is searchable by keyword or phrase, as well as pages devoted to The Cooperator's Annual Co-op & Condo Expo. Readers can subscribe to the newspaper version of the publication online, as well as register to attend the Expo, which this year will take place March 18th at the New York Hilton & Towers, 53rd Street and Avenue of the Americas.

The 2003-04 Official Directory of Co-op & Condo Services is also found online, and offers visitors a comprehensive reference guide of businesses and industry professionals that service the co-op and condo community. You can browse through thousands of listings of companies that serve co-op and condo buildings, and each listing includes a contact name, address, phone and fax number, and e-mail and Web address - all completely alphabetized and categorized for easy reference.

Council of New York Cooperatives
and Condominiums (CNYC)

The CNYC works to set policies and goals for New York City's cooperatives and condominiums on a wide variety of issues. Their site contains contact information, the group's event schedule - including lectures, workshops, and seminars for board members, managing agents, and concerned shareholders - and news bulletins of interest to the city's co-op and condo community. You can register for events online, or submit an application to make your building a member of CNYC.


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  • great site, but need advice. looking for basic information on bylaws, leases, for example how does plurality voting differ from cumulative, how does the law permit a shareholder to propose an amendment to each, where is this done, etc. perhaps there is a book on the market less overwhelming than the BCL. Can you help an old fellow out.
  • check this article about web crawling, crawltheweb.blogspot.com