What You Should Know About Housing Discrimination A Recent Seminar Highlights the Issue’s Complexities

Deborah Koplovitz, an attorney and shareholder with Anderson Kill, conducted the seminar on housing discrimination (AJ Sidransky)

In the world of housing, discrimination is a very sensitive subject. A failure to understand it and abide by the laws could result in a lot of trouble, including for boards and owners at condos and co-ops.

Avoiding such missteps involving housing discrimination was the focus of a seminar held on June 7 and hosted by the New York City-based law firm of Anderson Kill. Approximately 35 people from various sectors of the real estate industry--among them attorneys, managing agents, accountants, brokers, owners, and co-op board members--attended the one-hour event,  “Avoiding Housing Discrimination Claims,”  at the firm’s Manhattan office.

Deborah Koplovitz, an attorney and shareholder with Anderson Kill, conducted the seminar on how housing discrimination applies to co-op and condo buildings as well as rental properties in New York City and surrounding areas.  Ms. Koplovitz concentrates her practice in real estate, business law, and the general representation of privately-held corporations and business entities, such as co-ops and condos.

She explained the purpose of the presentation as providing “a better understanding of the laws that apply, to test your knowledge and to make participants aware of possible concerns when issues arise.”  

Knowing the Laws

The laws governing housing discrimination in New York City fall under three jurisdictions: federal, state and local, specifically the federal Fair Housing Act, the New York State Executive Law, and the New York City Administrative Code.  


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