What's Happening on the Outside New and Newsworthy Products in Exterior Restoration

In the past few years, new products have become available that offer many advantages to co-ops and condos. Here are just a few of the products that we have found most beneficial from the standpoint of economy and reliability.

Infrared Moisture Scans

State-of-the-art infrared cameras can pinpoint the extent of moisture infiltration and damage in the surface of a roof. This technique works on the same principle as a CAT Scan - only for roofs. It is a non-invasive method that is being used by architects, engineers and exterior restoration contractors because it can determine early detection of problem areas before costly repairs become necessary.

Infrared Roof Moisture Scans work on most roof surfaces, including built-up roofs, smooth and mineral surfaced modified bitumen roofs, and mechanically fastened and fully adhered single-ply systems. Also, depending upon the time of year, ballasted single-ply roofs may be scanned with excellent results.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (G.F.R.C)


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