When Snowbirds Fly How Seasonal Residents Impact HOAs

Every year the cycle repeats itself in co-ops and condo communities in New York City: as temperatures drop and snow begins to swirl, flocks of empty nesters and others fortunate enough to own a second home in a warmer climate pack up and head south.

Having these part-time residents’ units empty for months at a time poses certain challenges for the managers and boards of associations, whose administrative and managerial jobs don’t ease up just on account of the season. Security, emergency access to units, voting issues and communication all become pretty complicated.

The carefree lifestyle of condominium residents may make an owner feel as though taking off for a winter in Florida is as simple as removing the trash and locking the unit doors. Managers and other real estate industry pros know it’s not that simple.

Gaining Access

A 2004 University of Florida survey found that New Yorkers account for 13.1 percent of the sunshine state’s temporary residents. Most of these temporary residents migrated to counties in the southern part of the Sunshine State. And that means there are a lot of empty co-op and condo units.

It is unclear exactly when northern visitors to the Sunshine State became known as “Snowbirds,” but Canadian singer Anne Murray made the term famous in 1970 with the release of her song bearing the same name. The term is applied most commonly to the seasonal northern visitors who visit Florida annually generally during the period from November through April. National elections, early or late snowfalls and holidays can and do affect the annual exodus in both directions. Full time residents who leave Florida for several weeks during the hottest summer months are often referred to as “Sunbirds.”


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  • Hi Angela,Yes, parking has also been bruhgot up by others. This is my understanding of the proposed parking situation. There are a total of 23 inside parking spots planned, with 2 set aside for guests, and 6 in total, 1 for each townhome. That leaves 15 spaces for the remaining 23 condos. I believe you are correct that the condos do not come standard with parking, which is an extra cost option.I will be sure to mention parking at the meeting if it is not already bruhgot up, and we will post here updates.
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