While You Were Out The Delicate Art of Design Project Management

Mel Garskof is thrilled about the lobby makeover that will happen in the coming year at the Kips Bay area cooperative building where he lives. The public halls will be renovated, including new wallpaper and carpet, doors will be repainted, new molding will be applied and the spacious lobby will be reconfigured to include mailboxes and additional security measures.

Garskof, the board president, says that it has been a project that has taken months of planning and execution, meetings and decisions that have involved shareholders, board members and the building manager. Garskof believes that this team process is what will make the project a rousing success.

A Winning Combination

“We are all a team trying to get this project done,” says Garskof. “First, we formed a design committee consisting of several board members and shareholders and, since our building has a co-op renter, we wanted her on the committee too since she had good taste.”

The committee also includes the building manager, who plays a pivotal role in the Kips Bay design process. “We worked with her on past projects and we use her expertise about how the process should work,” says Garskof. “She gives us a sense of what is fair practice and initial pricing and how much time something should take.”

Although this design committee depends on the building manager for her knowledge, support and assistance with various aspects of the project, the exact role of the manager will really depend on how each individual building operates.


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