Windows to the World Window Maintenance & Repair

One of the defining architectural parts of a New York City building are its windows—whether it’s an ornate decorative window, one designed for energy savings or a large window that envelopes the side of a structure.

In a co-op or condo, windows play a large role in the structural and environmental integrity of the building, as well as add to its overall appearance. Depending on the building, repairing and maintaining windows and their various components can be a pretty straightforward undertaking, but if you happen to live in a landmark or historic building, it can also be an enormous bureaucratic pain. Windows are not always top-of-mind for condos or co-op boards because even when not properly maintained, they can last a long time. That’s why many times nothing is done to fix them until there is a problem. But when there is, a building needs to be prepared.

Time for a Replacement?

Matt Grossman, president of New York Windows & Doors in Long Beach says a condo or co-op should replace windows when there are drafts coming in, if the frames are falling apart, if the glass is cracking or there are any other glaring problems taking place.

Not that you need to have something wrong with the windows to make a replacement. There are plenty of savvy reasons to get the job done before things start to deteriorate.

By replacing proactively, “You’re increasing the value of your building, you’re helping your energy costs because you are saving on oil and heat, and your air conditioning will work better,” Grossman says. “There’s special glass that stops the sun better, which protects furniture and carpet.”


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