Winter is Coming Preparing Your Building for Cold Weather

 As the last few years have demonstrated, winter can be an unpredictable time in  New York City. Some years, temperatures remain fairly mild and we barely get  any snow, while other years are bitterly cold, with howling winds and epic  snowstorms.  

 Regardless of what the weather decides to do, co-op and condo boards, managers,  and maintenance staff need to make sure their buildings are ready for whatever  may come—and that means taking care of seasonal winterizing tasks before the first flakes  fall.  

 Do It Now

 Whether relatively mild or historically harsh, winter is the hardest season of  the year in terms of wear-and-tear on buildings. Ice collects in cracks and  spaces between bricks and masonry and contributes to façade deterioration, salt stains and chews up metal and marble finishes, boilers  and steam pipes work overtime, and colder temperatures and more hours of  darkness equal higher heating and electrical costs.  

 Which is why it's so important to prep your building before whatever happens  happens. “Good winterization begins well before the winter arrives,” says Peter Grech of the New York Superintendents Technical Association. “If the temperature outside goes below 55, it may be too late. As a cost-cutting  or preventative measure, all mechanical devices must be maintained and serviced  if necessary before the cold weather arrives.”  

 Windows & Walkways

 Windows may be the eyes of your building, but when it comes to water and cold  penetration, they're a definite weak point. Because of this, window frames and  sashes must be inspected and repaired if necessary before winter arrives—preferably in early fall.  


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