Your Eyes on the World Clean Windows Improve View and Value

While environmental laws have improved air quality, grit, grime and grunge continue to mask the windows of most New Yorkers. This aesthetic blur can change a tenant's disposition as well as alter how a building is perceived by a passerby's knowing glance.

However, getting a handle of when and how to properly clean your building's windows is a science - one that should be left to skillful hands, namely trained professionals. "The building looks more attractive and the desire to live in the building increases," says Brent Weingard, owner of the Manhattan-based Expert Window Cleaners. "It makes a big difference and should be done regularly."

The Grit on Grime

Regardless of "green" laws, and with automobiles and construction in non-stop motion, the windows of the city take an atmospheric beating. If neglected for too long, a building can become a dull shadow of itself, creating an abandoned warehouse appearance. But what exactly are the causes?

Wayne Bellet, owner of Manhattan's Bellet Construction Co. Inc, agrees with the aforementioned perpetrators of grime, but also cites construction - namely masonry - as a major catalyst for dirty windows. "It's automotive and truck fumes, microscopic dirt particles, and debris, but with masonry there is dust flying everywhere, and it gets on your clothes, your body and the buildings," Bellet notes. "It gets everywhere."


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