Category: Building Operations

2019 May Changing Management

When a community association enters into a contract with a professional management company, board members may feel a sense of relief. After all, much of the burden of running the community's daily operations has now been transferred to (hop…

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Common Multifamily Safety & Security Mistakes

While crime rates have been falling consistently for decades -- even in large metropolitan areas -- security and safety will always be a top concern of both managers and boards. In this video clip, a security tech pro discusses some of the …

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Energy Conservation
Squeezing Your Own Juice

Every board wants to keep expenses under control on behalf of their constituency - and cutting energy costs is one way to save big. In this clip, three energy conservation pros discuss cogeneration, and its potential benefits for buildings …

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Co-op, or Condo?

Although co-ops make up roughly 80 percent of the available-for-purchase housing stock in New York City, buyers often face this common dilemma when apartment: hunting: should they seek a co-op, or a condo? Many factors come into play in t…

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