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Extell Launches Sales at Central Park Tower

Manhattan's Billionaire's Row is going to get a little bit crowded. Curbed reported this past Monday that developer Extell Development Company announced that it has officially launched sales for the supertall Central Park Tower developm…

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Energy Conservation
Submetering for Savings

There are lots of things co-op and condo buildings can do to reduce energy waste and save themselves and their residents money. Submetering is one way - and here, an energy pro discusses a few key points boards should know when contemplatin…

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2018 October Autumn Extermination Challenges

Whether in a single-family home or an apartment building, pretty much every homeowner has had that moment: when in the middle of the night, he or she turned on the kitchen light to see a huge water bug scurrying across the counter, or heard…

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2018 October Boards Battle Burnout

While a productive building or association manager who ably navigates the day-to-day operations of one or more client communities may not have millions in the bank, it’s hard to argue that he or she is not ‘successful’ in practical terms. B…

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Boards' Biggest Insurance Blunders

Compared to rowdy annual meetings or catastrophic plumbing leaks, insurance may not seem like the most exciting aspect of serving on one's co-op or condo board. But neglect it at your peril! Mishandling claims - whether deliberately or acci…

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Virtual Doormen

Online services have revolutionized everything – but especially shopping. Virtually anything you want is now at your fingertips, and virtually everything can be delivered. Online versions of every service, from food delivery to furniture to…

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A Port of Import

While Manhattan still commands the lion's share of attention for its luxury real estate market, skip a stone across the Hudson and you'll find a development that aims to give it a run for its money. Port Imperial, an expansive $2 billion…

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