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On The Board
April 30, 2020 We Are Stronger Together

We're moved by how multifamily communities are coming together to help one another - and we want to share those stories with our readers!  We could all use some positivity right now - so send us your stories and photos of community spirit,…

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Board Operations
2020 April Relationships on the Board

The motivation for volunteering to be an uncompensated (and sometimes underappreciated) co-op or condo board member is usually a sense of civic duty combined with the desire to protect one’s own investment and quality of life. This means th…

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Law & Legislation
April 2, 2020 Cuomo Halts All Non-Essential Construction

On Friday, March 27, Governor Cuomo expanded the list of New York businesses considered ‘non-essential’ and therefore required to shut down to include all construction activities except for roads, bridges, transit facilities, utilities, hos…

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