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2009 July Sidestepping Bank Foreclosures and Defaults

Unemployment is up and apartment sales are down. That’s the trend of headline news lately. But, so far, New York City co-ops and condominiums seem to be weathering the storm in reasonably good shape. According to those close to the situ…

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Law & Legislation
2009 June Can't We All Just Get Along?

 Sometimes our neighbors can be our best friends. They’re the people we turn to for emergency babysitting help, or for a cup of sugar,  or for that friendly chat in the elevator. Sometimes, though, the people we  live in close proximity to…

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Real Estate Trends
2009 April What You Must Know

It’s amazing how good building owners and managers are at increasing and garnering revenue from residential tenants while at the same time leaving themselves to the will and whim of laundry room operators who impose contracts lasting fo…

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Shareholder Relations
2009 Feb Bringing in a New Board

In managing the affairs of a building or a community, all board members are far from equal in their abilities and skills. Some bring experience in construction or a background in law, finance, or other professions that can be helpful to…

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2008 Nov Transitioning from Sponsor to Board Control

Building a successful enterprise from the ground up involves the talent and commitment of dozens—if not hundreds—of people. It’s no different with a co-op or a condo, especially in the earliest days of its existence when it makes that t…

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Law & Legislation
2008 June Comparing Apples to Oranges?

Co-op apartment buildings were originally formed in New York City to allow building residents to buy into and have a say in how their building was administered, as well as who their neighbors were, and what those neighbors were allowed t…

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2008 Jan Q&A: Conservation Easements

What is a conservation easement? What are the tax advantages to a conservation  easement? Can a condo or co-op vote to place a conservation easement?     —Curious in New York  “An easement is a transfer of usage rights. Simply…

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