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Common Insurance-Related Mistakes Boards Make

Insurance may not be the most exciting topic facing boards in multifamily co-ops and condos, but decision-makers neglect it at their peril. Here, an insurance pro outlines some of the more common mistakes he sees boards make when it comes t…

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Building Operations
Reducing Energy Costs

Every conscientious board wants to control costs, while still making sure everyone in the building or association gets the services their monthly fees entitle them to. Here, an energy pro discusses ways that boards can reduce energy costs w…

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Condo Restoration Nabs 2018 Moses Award

Every year, the New York Landmarks Conservancy holds its Moses Awards – named after local philanthropist Lucy G. Moses – to honor outstanding achievement in preservation projects. A project team behind a facade preservation and rest…

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The Top 3 Security Blunders Boards Make

Among the many responsibilities of condo, co-op, and HOA board members is the safety and security of their communities. Here, some security professionals outline some of the more common security-related mistakes or oversights they see in th…

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Buying & Selling
Bitcoin: Fad or the Future?

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency – an electronic form of money  –    du jour. Whether it is a promising alternative to the various denominations of loot that we all know and love, or simply a fleeting tech sensation remains to be seen. Ju…

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