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Management Relations
Changing Management Companies

Changing management companies can be a complex process -- but it doesn't have to be an ordeal. By making sure that your community's important documents and information are transferred from the outgoing firm to the incoming one in a timely, …

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Board Member 101
Let's Talk Board Resources

Whether you're a board member in a New York City high-rise or a sprawling HOA in suburban Chicagoland or New Jersey, there are organizations out there that can help you and your fellow community administrators be more effective, efficient, …

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Law & Legislation
Controlling Legal Costs

There's no getting around some expenses -- utilities, scheduled maintenance, and taxes all have to be paid; but there are some areas where a savvy, informed board can keep costs in check without sacrificing quality of service. Here, a pair …

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Energy Conservation
Energy Procurement Resources

Condos and co-op communities have an array of choices when it comes to how and from where they get the energy that keeps their lights on and climate comfortable. In this clip, an energy market pro gives boards and managers some useful tips …

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