Brooklyn on the Rise A Look at New Development

Brooklyn on the Rise

A Look at New Development

By Lisa Iannucci

Rachel Weingarten will be the first person to tell you that Brooklyn has soul. “There is so much to discover in Brooklyn; every day I’m learning something new,” she says. Weingarten is president of GTK Marketing Group, a Manhattan-based public relations and marketing consulting firm. “I’ve lived in numerous neighborhoods in Manhattan at one point or another, but have always moved back to Brooklyn.”

Lots of other people share Weingarten’s view, it seems. In the last few years, Brooklyn has seen a massive increase in population, residential development, business opportunities…and prices. While some hail the changes as a sign that Brooklyn has finally come into its own as a destination to rival Manhattan, others—including many longtime residents—are upset that their beloved borough’s skyline is changing, and concerned that rising prices may price them right out.


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