Category: Community Living

An 'Un-Gentrification' Project in Harlem

According to a recent press release from Harlem-based developer Carthage Real Estate Advisors, construction is progressing at Marcus Garvey Village (not to be confused with the development of the same name in Brownsville, Brooklyn), a 300,0…

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A $3.1 Billion Headache?

According to recent write-ups in the New York Times and New York magazine, life for some residents of 432 Park Avenue, the super-tall, super-luxe condo tower overlooking Central Park on the corner of Park Avenue and 57th St. in Midt…

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Buying & Selling
To Rent...Or Buy?

When considering whether to buy or rent a home, the rent-to-price ratio—calculated as median annual rent as a percentage of median home price in a given area—can be a useful metric. In locations with high rent-to-price ratios, it may be bet…

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