Construction Resumes, Penalties Will Be Enforced Do’s and Don’ts from the DOB

As New York City continues to reopen, the Department of Buildings (DOB) has issued guidance and mandated protocols to promote safety and health on all job sites. After launching a citywide inspection sweep of every permitted site to verify compliance with State and City Phase 1 restart requirements, DOB inspectors have observed, per its emailed announcement, that while “the industry is working hard to be in compliance with the requirements, it is clear that there is room for improvement.” 

For example, according to the DOB, inspectors continue to see subpar compliance with the requirement for reduced capacity signage in hoists and elevators. The Department mandates that lifts can only operate at 50% cab capacity -- and signage indicating that must be posted in all hoists and elevators, both in each individual cab, and on each landing where you enter and/or exit the lift.

To assist worksites in complying with the required measures before fines and summonses start kicking in on July 8, the DOB offers a Do’s and Don’ts document that gives the following guidance:


DO comply with all social distancing protocols to the extent possible.

DO have a COVID-19 Communication Plan, Safety Plan, Cleaning Log, Affirmation to the State, and Contact Log on site at all times. Make sure your Safety Plan is specific to your site and posted where it can be seen easily. Ensure a COVID-19 Site Safety Monitor is designated for the job site. 


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