Customizing Your Trash Cans for Your Property These Aren't Your Average Plastic and Metal Bins

With these latest options, co-op and condo owners can customize your trash system to their space, pocketbook and level of ecological commitment (iStock).

Trash used to be easy.  But now in a world where recycling and environmental awareness has become the norm, it’s no longer just “lift up the lid and throw it in the trash.” Separating different types of waste has become the norm in most localities, especially major cities.  

In New York, homeowners and apartment dwellers are required to separate refuse into at least three groups: paper, plastic/glass/metal/cartons, and food waste.  In addition, many residents are now participating in separating food waste into organic composting and non-compost waste as well. So much for the humble trash bin.  

Size and Shape Are Not Always the Same

Along with this revolution in waste management comes a revolution in trash bin design.  Trash bins with recycling technology come in various sizes, shapes, colors and models. Basically they fall into two groups: freestanding and drawer style pull-out.  

A typical kitchen trash can will hold 13 gallons of waste, equivalent to 50 liters.  Not all bins are the same size like all kitchens.  Some cans are smaller, holding only say, 30 liters. Others might be larger, though 13 gallons is typical as that’s the size of a standard kitchen liner.  

Dimensions also vary as well.  A typical freestanding kitchen trash bin measures approximately 30 inches in height, 12 inches in depth, and 16 inches in width.


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