Deep Blue Diving into Pool Maintenance and Upkeep

 A beautiful amenity space just footsteps away from one’s morning coffee is a luxury most residents would love to consider when deciding  which property to call home. A well-maintained swimming pool can captivate  potential homebuyers but also increases property values in existing buildings.  

 A swimming pool is a rare and valuable amenity for any residential building, and  a real treat in the summer. Over the last 20 years, it seems that the amount of  pools in the city has grown tremendously. Stuart Roaker, past president of the  National Pool Management Association and owner of the Pool Therapist on Staten  Island estimates there are 750 to 800 pools in New York City, as more and more  luxury condominium developments include a pool in their design.  

 Some buildings with pools include Riverhouse and the Visionaire in Battery Park  City downtown, 40 Mercer Street in SoHo, 200 Chambers in Tribeca, the Atelier  and The Strand in Hell’s Kitchen, the Lucida on the Upper East Side, One57, Ariel, The Rushmore and 15  CPW on the Upper West Side, Oro in Brooklyn and the Viridian in Greenpoint, to  name a few.  

 Maintenance Matters

 Knowledge of swimming pools is the best equipment you can have when it comes to  maintaining them. Commercial swimming pools generally provide most maintenance  equipment on site; these swimming pools need constant care and are more than  likely to be managed by a recreational amenities or pool management company.  

 “The attractiveness of a beautiful swimming facility does not come without  challenges faced by many board members and property managers,” says Michael Zuchelli, vice president of operations of Elite Pool & Fitness Management Inc., located in Whitestone. “Proper operation, maintenance, and water safety of your swimming pool is a daily  task that is governed by The New York City Board of Health.”  


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