Going Up in Style Give Your Elevators a Facelift

Appearances are important.

How your building looksfrom the inside outhas a direct impact on both the value of each apartment and the morale of every resident. From the facade to the awning to the flowers on the lobby table, a good first impression goes a long way. But if you step out of an attractive lobby into an out-of-style or poorly maintained elevator, that glow of satisfaction may quickly dissipate. A well-designed elevator cab is as important to your building as a beautifully-decorated lobby.

The key to the whole cab is that it is an extension of the lobby and hallways. In many ways one can describe the elevator as a moving lobby, says Fred Gold, a former board president whose pre-war building on West 81st Street redid its elevators five years ago.

If you have a beautiful lobby and an ugly elevator it just doesn't look good, echoes David Abechassis, board president of his East 82nd Street co-op, which also recently redid its elevators.

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