Madonna's Suit Against Co-op Dismissed The Lawsuit Was About the Issue of Occupancy Involving Her Children

Madonna (By chrisweger via Wikimedia Commons).

It appears that an Upper West Side co-op scored a legal victory over Madonna -- for now.

The pop music legend's lawsuit against the Harperley Hall co-op over the issue of occupancy was dismissed by a Manhattan judge because she apparently waited too long in filing it, the New York Post reported last week.

The singer brought the suit in April 2016 after her co-op board revised her lease to state that children under the age of 16 cannot live in the $7.3 million unit unless an adult was physically present there. 

The singer has four children: two of them are teenagers, while the other two are under the age of 13.

In part, Madonna's lawsuit read: “Plaintiff is a world-renowned recording artist, performer and singer who is constantly on world tours. As such, plaintiff owns many residences around the world and travels extensively worldwide.”


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