No Sale Ever Final Negotiating With Vendors

Whether you’re part of a giant co-op the size of Co-op City, a 21-story building with over 15,000 residential units, or a small 25-unit condo in Staten Island, whether your building is self-managed or uses a management company, your board will at some time have to make decisions on how to deal with vendors.

These vendors can be either suppliers of goods, such as lighting fixtures, stationery supplies, bathroom supplies or computer equipment; or services, such as painters, flooring installers, exterminators, fuel oil suppliers, elevator service persons or janitorial services.

No matter what type of vendors you’re dealing with, good relations, and knowledge about what products and services are being offered are the key.

How To Find Vendors

Who usually makes the decisions about vendor choices and service boards—is it the managing agent, the board, or some combination?

“It’s a combination of the two—sometimes one, sometimes the other,” says Wayne Bellet, a third-generation construction professional and head of the Manhattan-based firm Bellet Construction, which specializes in waterproofing, roofing and exterior maintenance.


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