Preparing Buildings for Winter Zipper Up

Although it may seem like the dog days of summer were just upon us, it's not too early to start thinking about winter. The cold months are right around the corner, and although last winter might seem like a distant memory, it's time to begin preparing for this winter season. Taking the time to address winterization now will go a long way in making sure your co-op or condo is ready to face the elements.

It's a Year-Round Job

In an ideal situation, the board, super and any maintenance personnel should be up to speed on maintenance issues all year round. But preparation for winter should begin in late summer, as you take stock of any necessary maintenance needs.

"First and foremost, one should always be mindful of the old adage that prevention is cheaper than the cure," says Richard Silver, president of American Pipe and Tank Lining Co., Inc., based in Manhattan, which includes the subsidiaries New York Wood Tank and Manhattan Cooling Towers.

"Building maintenance personnel should have a maintenance schedule, which addresses what areas of the property are most affected by the elements and require more attention—usually the side facing north—and monitor those areas closely," he says.

"Good winterization begins well before the winter arrives. You can say that with almost any trade, but mine in particular," says Wayne Bellet, president of Manhattan-based Bellet Construction, which specializes in exterior construction.


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